Creating changelogs

Learn the process of creating changelogs

Astrola lets you create changelogs in two ways to inform your customers of what's new.

Featured changelog

A featured changelog focuses on a single release item. This is great if you need to showcase a particular feature quickly. On the Changelog dashboard, click Add Post and choose Simple from the pop-up.

Fill out your post and add a scheduled date if desired.

By default, we include three categories - New, Improved, and Fixed. You can add your own categories under the Categories menu item on the left of your dashboard.

Adding more categories

To add more categories to your Changelog, navigate to the Astrola dashboard Changelog -> Categories

You can also choose a label color to make it stand out from other category labels.

Release changelog

If you would like to list a bigger release, we suggest using the Release changelog type. On the Changelog dashboard, click Add Post and choose Release from the pop-up.

On the items, section adds the desired release notes and category. As of the 26th Sep 20, we don't support ordering, but something we would like to add shortly. Stay tuned.