Setting up your HQ

A quickstart guide to setting up Astrola

Astrola can be set up in a matter of minutes. In this article, we will detail some helpful info and tips.

You can choose to either use our subdomain or map your HQ to a custom subdomain - we recommend a custom subdomain so you can take advantage of SEO benefits, such as blog content.

The content editor

You'll notice there is an example article under the Knowledge Base in the admin. Click into that and give it a try. Clicking the content area will bring up a format editor at the bottom of your screen. We also support basic markdown, for example, ## (and space) will create an H2 tag.

Clicking "Next" at the top right corner of each edit page will open the settings sidebar.

Once you start editing content, you'll notice the "Next" button will turn blue. This will indicate there are changes to be saved. If you leave this page without clicking "Update article" as seen above, then your changes will not be saved.

Default language

By default, we set your HQ's language to English. If you would like your customers to land on a different language, navigate to Settings -> Language and set the default language.

Only the knowledge base supports multiple languages per article

Changing your default language will update all of the headings and static text content across your HQ. If you discover any issues, please let us know!

If a customer selects a language on an article dropdown, they will stay on that language across any area on the HQ regardless of the HQ's default language. We store a small cookie to achieve this and will revert once cleared.

Set article languages

If you would like to translate knowledge base articles, head to Settings -> Language and choose the available languages to show.

Next, navigate to an article you would like to edit and click the language dropdown at the top right next to the "Next" button. You should now see the languages you set as above.

Once you have written the translated article, hit save and you can now see the changes on the front-end.

Any articles that have not yet been translated will fall back to the default system language

Set collection translations

Article collections can also be translated. Navigate to your Knowledge Base Collection area on the dashboard and you should see a language dropdown like the section mentioned above.

Please note that changing the language will not clear down the current view, so please make sure you are editing the correct new language.

Hide features you don't need

Don't need a certain feature for your HQ? You can turn the Knowledge Base, Feedback, Roadmap, Changelog, or Blog off from Settings -> General ->Visibility. If you'd like users to land on a certain page, you can set that here too.

Style to match your brand

Head to Settings -> General -> Design on your dashboard to customize your HQ. We recommend using your main brand color for the Header/General Link swatches and a slightly darker shade on the hero.

Add your team

Your team will most likely like to create and manage your HQ with you. Head to Settings -> Team to add them. Please note, team members are currently required to be registered on the main Astrola website first. You can ask them to register here.

After a user is on your team, they will be able to log in from the main Astrola dashboard.

You must have an active subscription to use teams.

Check out our knowledge base

For further guides, please check out our knowledge base. Any questions, feel free to click the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of an article or contact us at