Getting started with Astrola

Some quick tips to get started on our platform

Starting your free 14-day trial? Let's take a look at some helpful tips when using our platform.

Astrola HQ dashboard


Once you create a new trial account, you'll be greeted with our dashboard. The dashboard lets you quickly discover contacts, subscribers and feedback stats. If you have any feedback assigned to you via team members, you can quickly click into them from the Assigned feedback row.

Branding & Design

The first thing you will want to do is style your HQ to match your brand.


To add a logo, navigate to Settings -> General -> Branding. We recommend square logos, but you can also landscape format logos and disable the generated text here too.

Ensure logo images are in PNG transparent format.

You may also add a custom favicon here too and set the main website to link back to on your main navigation.


After adding a logo, head back to Settings -> General -> Design. We recommend using your main brand highlight colour for the header background and general links. The hero background should be slightly darker than your header so text on top reads better. We give you extra freedom to style how you like it. If you need some assistance, give us a should and we can recommend how best to match your brand.

Chat Widgets & Analytics

Next, we recommend adding any chat widgets you may want to use. We already support built-in contact form submissions via the bottom of each documentation article, but if you need live chat, navigate to Settings -> General -> Chat widget, and add the codes for Crisp or Intercom. If you need a different system, please leave your feedback on our board.


To add Google Analytics to your HQ, navigate to Settings -> General -> Analytics. Add your tracking ID and you are good to go.

Feature Visibility

If you don't need a specific feature (such as documentation), head to Settings -> General -> Visibility. You can set a default landing page and hide any features you don't need. Technically, you can even use Astrola as your primary blogging tool and point it to!

Astrola dashboard blog editor


You can set a default language for your HQ at Settings -> Language. If you need additional language translations for documentation articles, add them here too. After adding additional language, navigate to any existing article and choose the language selector at the top right. You can also translate documentation collections too!

Add Blog USP's

Adding a section at the end of each of your blog posts will help cross-sell back to your main product. Navigate to Settings -> Blog to add the section.

Add Content

Now you are setup, start adding a few articles to the knowledge base or blog. We also recommend creating a few boards on the feedback areas so your customers find where to post easier.

Check out our knowledge base for more helpful tips!

Let us know your feedback

If you experience any issues or have general questions about Astrola, drop us an email or leave feedback on our own boards! We hope our product can help grow your product much faster!

Quickstart your SaaS products growth

Astrola adds a knowledge base, customer feedback, roadmaps, changelogs and blog posts under a single dashboard - helping early-stage SaaS companies grow with less overhead.