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Hi, my names Scott and welcome to the first post from our own HQ! Astrola is a growth tool that's been built specifically for subscription-based SaaS products.

If you're in a hurry, here's a TLDR of what we offer:

  • Your HQ can be shown on our sub-domain, or on your own domain (You're on ours right now 👀).

  • Knowledge Base: Add documentation to your product.

  • Feedback: Let your customers or team members vote, comment, and leave feedback to help you grow.

  • Roadmap: Share upcoming features of your product.

  • Changelog: Let your customers know what's launched.

  • Blog: Create SEO friendly posts and email to your subscribers.

Add Astrola to your product in seconds

Adding Astrola to your product couldn't be easier. The app will sit on our subdomain <your-name>.astrolahq.com or preferably, you'd add it to your product's domain. For example - hq.astrolahq.com.

Astrola was created off the back of the problem I faced with my other SaaS apps. I couldn't find the time to add all the features above AND work on the product. I found that we required separate tools that didn't integrate well with each other and in turn, ended up costing far too much each month.

With Astrola, our goal is to combine all these tools into a single system at a cost-effective price. Let's dive into our features.

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base, allow's you to document your product to your customers.

Collections help organize articles together. Inside each article, we support multi-language out the box. This lets your customer choose their preferred language. We support images, videos from YouTube, and also customer feedback per article. This is a great way to get insight into how each article is performing. We've also got built-in support for a contact form for further support questions. We also support third-party chat widgets, such as Crisp and Intercom.

Astrola customer feedback tool


Feedback is a vital part of growing a SaaS product. With Astrola's feedback feature, you can focus on what you should be building next, and be notified of any problems that you or your customers may have discovered.

Astrola, lets you create multiple boards, inside each of these boards hold feedback. A board can also be private, which means your internal teams can have a discussion without being visible to the public.

Customers can add feedback from each board, we support different statuses - planned, in-review, in-progress, and completed. When a feedback item is set to planned or in-progress, it'll automatically send an email to anyone that's voted or commented on that particular post.

Feedback can be assigned to your team members so they can find out what to focus working on next.

We also support feedback merging, which allows similar feedback posts to be joined and linked to the main thread. Team members also have full moderation tools to remove any unwanted comments.

Astrola roadmap tool


Roadmaps are a great way for your customers to find out what's coming out next. Posts are separated by month and sorted by the earliest.

Any items in the roadmap that appear before the current date will not be shown. This is a great way for your feed to be automatically updated.

Keep your Roadmaps always updated by allowing Feedback items that are complete to automatically populate.

Astrola changelog tool


Changelogs are a great way for your customers to find out what's been improved, fixed, or released. 

Astrola offers two different types of changelogs. First, let's focus on a single release and the second is a more detailed changelog.

Detailed release logs let you list out new items, fixed, improved, and custom tags.

At the bottom of each changelog item, you can see completed feedback. This lets you quickly select any completed feedback items that you want to maybe mention in this release.

Astrola Blogging Tools for SaaS


Blogs let you create new posts to help organically grow your website traffic. Customers are able to subscribe to your blog and they'll get notified by email when you post a new blog.

Each blog can be categorized and also lets you add images, videos from YouTube and include a USP selling point at the bottom, so you can cross-sell back to your main app.

The content editor, while minimal, lets you focus on writing content and is the editor we are using right now to write this post. We've got support for dark and light mode UI. Scheduled posts, categories, sticky posts, set public or draft, send email newsletters to your subscribers, and last but not least, SEO tools to maximize your Google rankings. We've also included a rating to maximize the best length for each post.

Astrola customizer

Customize your HQ

Astrola also lets you customize your HQ, with just a few clicks, you can match your brand colors to exactly how you want them.

We are also adding some interesting patterns and designs periodically to make your HQ even more unique.

Start your 14-Day Free Trial

I hope that gives you a brief overview of how Astrola works. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email us. We also offer a 14-day free trial, so you can try us out yourself. Look forward to seeing you!

Quickstart your SaaS products growth

Astrola adds a knowledge base, customer feedback, roadmaps, changelogs and blog posts under a single dashboard - helping early-stage SaaS companies grow with less overhead.