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It's been a little while since we last updated our own changelog! Today we upgraded a lot of our backend to ensure we are on the latest Laravel and a few other fixes.

We will be updating our roadmap in the coming weeks of what's ahead at Astrola this year 🎉

As always, let us know of any suggestions or features you'd like to see next!

We are happy to announce we now support Splitbee analytics on Astrola. Simply add your HQ domain to their dashboard and head back to our dashboard - Settings -> General -> Analytics and hit the Splitbee activation button. Simple!

We now have support for new pages to be created. Head to your dashboard and click "Pages" on the left sidebar. Big thanks to Elliot for this suggestion 🙌

You can now add extra pages to your HQ
Additional email notifications for new comments on feedback
Miscellaneous bug fixes

We have added a brand new way for you to share your blogs email subscription form on a dedicated landing page. You can find your link under Settings -> Blog -> Newsletter Landing Page. This link will change depending if you have a custom domain set.

We have also fixed a few more bugs and added a couple requested features.

Learn more about the new landing page here.

Blog email subscription landing page
If only 1 feedback board exists, redirect to it via the feedback links
Updated the "Base" label to "Help" to make it a bit clearer
Edit blog slugs (Not yet live, backend work started)
Updated some of our backend packages & security

You can now embed your Loom videos directly inside knowledge base articles, changelog posts and blogs!

Thanks to one of our customers for suggesting - we think it'll add great value in helping your customers visually. You can check out an example of it in action below!

For more help, check out our guide here.

Today we have been fixing some small issues with scheduled dates. We now pull your current locale in and save as a general UTC date for easier scheduling. A few other small bugs were fixed too!

You can now pick a time again on the date picker
The date picker will add your current time when opening for the first time
The date picker now uses your current locale rather than UTC server time
Fixed a bug with articles not creating if no category was applied
Fixed the vote count displaying incorrectly on the admin edit pages

We have been working on some final few bugs the past few days. More notably, we now have custom domains sorted and SSL certificates generating our end!

Fixed N+1 problem with subscription checks on dashboard (Loads much faster!)
Completed work on custom domains and certificate ssl generation
Feedback merge items are now searchable to make it faster for large feedback collections.
Fixed some team permission issues
Related blog posts now show correctly

Today's task was sorting out daily backups for your HQ. We also tightened up a few quality of life tweaks, such as confirming a plan upgrade/cancellation.

We are almost ready to launch! - Domain SSL generation is next on the list.

Set up daily backups for every HQ, with rollback options internally.
Upgrading a plan or cancelling will ask you to confirm an extra time.
Added changelog category defaults to every new HQ
Sub-categories now appear correctly in collections

We have been working on making sure scheduled Articles, Changelogs, and Blogs perform correctly. If all goes well, this should be scheduled for later today!

ReCaptcha and privacy policies were also sorted for Blog subscription signups.

Schedule articles, changelogs and blogs
Recaptcha has been added to subscriber forms on blog posts
GDPR consent checkbox's are now required on all public forms
Working on our know knowledge base

Today we have added Recaptcha on the support contact form to help reduce spam and made some optimizations to large data tests. This is our efforts in making sure HQ's with larger data volumes will perform efficiently!

Tests have been running well and we made some nice improvements across the board.

Recaptcha on support query forms.
Search queries on your HQ will only return after 3 characters.
Few miscellaneous improvements to how votes/comments are counted
Pagination now works as intended on article collections
Related posts in blogs now return posts from same category

We are working hard to squash some final few bugs before we launch. Let's take a look at what we added/fixed today!

Add ability for customers to edit their own feedback posts.
Added pagination to all HQ listings - Articles, feedback, changelogs, roadmaps and blogs.
Fixed scheduled post bug - if null it wouldn't save.
Stop notification emails sending when a feedback status was saved without change.
Email button links will now link to a custom domain if set.

We have worked through 13 language translations to let your customers navigate your HQ in their preferred dialect.

The following languages are complete:

  • English - en

  • Chinese (Simplified) - zh

  • Finnish - fin

  • French - fr

  • German - de

  • Italian - it

  • Japanese - ja

  • Norwegian - nor

  • Polish - pl

  • Portuguese - pt

  • Russian - ru

  • Spanish - es

  • Swedish - swe

We have also added support for you to add these languages to your Knowledge Base articles, allowing you to create translations on a per language basis.

I am sure some translations may need a bit more tweaking. If you notice any grammar/formatting looking a bit off, let us know!